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A Streetcar Melted like Candy by the Fire on top of Nihonbashi Bridge (Published in "Josei Asashi") Postcards/kemst002020001.jpg
Great Tokyo Earthquake Picture Postcard: A View in the Direction of Kasumigaseki from Shiba Hamamatsuchō Postcards/kemst002018001.jpg
A View of Kanda and Nihonbashi Reduced to Scorched Earth from above Kudansaka (Published in "Josei Asahi") Postcards/kemst006003001.jpg
Great Tokyo Earthquake Picture Postcard (Akasaka): Terrible Earthquake Damage Ruins (Akasaka Tamachi Red Light District) Postcards/kemst002002001.jpg
Taishō 12.9.1 Great Tokyo Earthquake Scenes: Arrival of Food Supplies at Shibaura Coast Postcards/kemst005007001.jpg
Great Tokyo Earthquake Picture Postcard: (Koishikawa) Artillery Arsenal as Seen from Aqueduct Postcards/kemst002042001.jpg
(Great Tokyo Earthquake Damage Scene) Asakusa Park 6th District Fire Ruins Postcards/kemst001012001.jpg
(Great Tokyo Earthquake) Asakusa Temple Shopping Street Postcards/kemst002034001.jpg
(Terrible Scenes of the Great Tokyo Earthquake and Fire) Terrible Scene of the Asakusa Park Twelve Stories and its Surroundings Postcards/kemst002005001.jpg
Taishō 12.9.1 Great Tokyo Earthquake Scenes: Asakusa Twelve Stories Crumbling from the Middle
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