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(Taishō 12, 1 September) Terrible Scene of the Imperial Capital and Yokohama's Unprecedented Severe Earthquake; Remembrance of the Great Disaster in the Imperial Capital, The Surroundings of Asakusa Twelve Stories Postcards/kemst002038001.jpg
(Great Tokyo Earthquake Damage Scene) Terrible Scene of Asakusa Twelve Stories and its Surroundings Postcards/kemst002034001.jpg
(Terrible Scenes of the Great Tokyo Earthquake and Fire) Terrible Scene of the Asakusa Park Twelve Stories and its Surroundings Postcards/kemst002008001.jpg
Lower Half of the Asakusa Twelve Stories that Broke with a Crack from the Eighth Story (Published in Magazine "Josei Asahi") Postcards/kemst002005001.jpg
Taishō 12.9.1 Great Tokyo Earthquake Scenes: Asakusa Twelve Stories Crumbling from the Middle Postcards/kemst005001001.jpg
Great Tokyo Earthquake Picture Postcard (Asakusa): The Half Broken Twelve Stories and the Rokku Pleasure District Burned to Ashes
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